Flow Chemistry Europe 2019 | 26th – 27th February 2019 | Hinxton, Cambridge

Sharpe Event Management is organising the 2019 Flow Chemistry Europe Conference on behalf of The Flow Chemistry Society and is delighted to welcome you to this event in Hinxton, Cambridge, UK.

The society aims to unite and represent those who are actively working in this rapidly developing field. The selected speakers include chemists and chemical engineers, from both industrial and academic backgrounds.

Topics that will be discussed cover fields such as chemical synthesis in flow which will include emerging techniques such as electro- and photochemistry, the development of multi-step synthesis, and applications in pharmaceutical manufacturing. The preparation of polymers for materials science and medicinal chemistry will also be presented. Finally, the impact of machine-learning, self-optimizing systems and novel analytical techniques in flow will be featured at the conference.

Running alongside the conference will be an exhibition covering the latest technological advances in the area of flow chemistry with companies exhibiting from Europe, US, as well as Asia/Pacific.

  • New Chemical Transformations in Flow
  • Multistep and API Synthesis
  • Multiphasic Reactions
  • Metal/Bio/Organocatalysis
  • Handling Transient/Difficult/Hazardous Materials
  • Handling Solids/Mechanochemistry
  • Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing
  • Photochemistry and Photoredox Catalysis
  • Electrochemistry
  • Polymer Synthesis and Nanomaterials/MOFs
  • In-Line Analytical Techniques
  • Machine Learning(AI), Process Modelling and Selfoptimizing Systems
  • Industrial Processes and Manufacturing

C. Oliver Kappe, Professor, University of Graz, Austria

Anne O’Kearney-McMulley, Process Chemist, AstraZeneca UK

Frank D. Gupton, Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA

Timothy Noel, Associate Professor, Eindhoven Technical University, Netherlands

Maurizio Benaglia, Professor, University of Milan, Italy

Richard Bourne, Associate Professor, University of Leeds, UK
Duncan Browne, Senior Lecturer, Cardiff University, Wales
Shinichiro Fuse, Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Heidrun Gruber-Woelfler, Associate Professor, Graz University of Technology, Austria
Mimi Hii, Professor, Imperial College London, UK
Tanya Junkers, Professor, Monash University, Australia
Renzo Luisi, Professor, University of Bari, Italy
Anita Maguire, Professor, University College Cork, Ireland
Jean-Christophe Monbaliu, Lecturer, University of Liege
Francesca Paradisi, Associate Professor, University of Nottingham, UK
Rodrigo Souza, Professor, Federal University of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Paul Watts, Professor, Nelson Mandela University, South Africa
Thomas Wirth, Professor, Cardiff University, Wales