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Registration for the Conference is as follows:

Pre Doctorial Student
£62.00 (tax)
Total: £372.00
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Academic FCS Member

(Includes a 35% Discount)

£85.00 (tax)
Total: £510.00
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Academic Non Member
£131.00 (tax)
Total: £786.00
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Industry FCS Member

(Includes a 35% Discount)

£166.00 (tax)
Total: £996.00
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Industry Non Member
£254.00 (tax)
Total: £1,524.00
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Please note that all registrations will be subject to UK VAT which is 20%

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Reasons to Attend

  • Networking with peers.  Industry conferences provide a great opportunity to network.
  • Educational opportunities. No matter how experienced you are at your business, everyone can learn.
  • Encounter new vendors and suppliers. Too often people shy away from the trade show exhibit hall at conferences. Meet experts in the field face to face.
  • Position yourself as an expert. When you are active in your industry, you can develop a reputation as an expert to your peers and your clients.
  • Keep up to date. Learn about new industry trends and how they’re implemented.
  • Have fun. Being in business should be rewarding and fun.