P01Adam D. Clayton
Autonomous Optimisation for Multistep Chemical Synthesis
P02Ya-Yu Chiang
A Core-Annular Liquid-Liquid Phase Separator
P03Adam McCormack
Continuous flow synthesis of Black Hole Quenchers (BHQs)
P04Stefan D.A. Zondag
Continuous-flow Scale-up of Heterogeneous Photochemistry
P05Luca Capaldo
Unleashing Decatungstate: Lighting Up C(Sp3)–H with a High-Intensity Led-Fueled Flow Reactor
P06Ting Wan
Decatungstate-Mediated C(sp3)–H Heteroarylation via Radical-Polar Crossover in Batch and Flow
P07Mireia Benito Montaner
A digital plug and play 3D printed continuous flow chemistry system
P08Parth Naik
Continuous flow oxidation of alcohols using TEMPO/ NaOCl for selective and scalable synthesis of aldehydes and ketones
P09Jorge Garcia-Lacuna
New flow photochemical synthesis of benzyne and triazine precursors
P10Arlene Bonner
Continuous Flow Synthesis of Aziridines via the Baldwin Rearrangement
P11Filip Horvath-Gerber
NPermeability Study of Diazomethane Across TeflonTM AF 2400 Membrane using Tube-in-Tube Module
P12Francesco Pasca
Efficient radical fluoroalkylations under continuous flow photocatalytic conditions
P13Yi-Hsuan Tsai
Exploration in flow for the statiotemporallycontrolled photogeneration of nitrosocarbonyl compounds
P14Bastian Oldach
Continuous Liquid-Liquid Separation of Segmented Capillary Flows
P15Linden Schrecker
An efficient multiparameter method for the collection of chemical reaction data via transient flow
P16Robin Dinter
Automated Two-Phase Reaction System for Microfluidic DNA-Encoded Chemistry
P17Inga Burke
Investigation of an 3D-printed Optical Measurement Flow Cell for Process Progress Monitoring of Liquid-Liquid Systems
P18Bavo Vandekerckhove
Scale-Up of Solid State Photodecarbonylation Chemistry in a Continuous Flow Setup
P19Matthew Takle
Catalysis in Flow: Chemoenzymatic Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of Chiral Amines
P20Israrul Haque
Scalable Continuous Flow Process for Pantoprazole Sulphoxide Production
P21George Ebri
Development and optimization of continuous synthesis of Cu2O/Cu nanoparticles using Design of Experiment
P22Loïc Bovy
Synthesis of Pharmaceutically Relevant Nitrofurantoin from Bio-Based Furfural under Semi-Continuous Flow Conditions
P23Michael Andresini
Multistep Continuous Flow Synthesis of Primary Sulfinamidines via Nucleophilic Addition to Transient Sulfurdiimide
P24Zen Johnston
A batch-flow hybrid approach for the synthesis of the Schistosomiasis treatment praziquantel
P25Lerato Dibokwane
Application of flow chemistry for the multi-step synthesis of Donepezil
P26Peter Pittaway
High-throughput exploration and particle size targeting of block copolymer nanoparticles using an automated continuous-flow platform with inline particle size and conversion monitoring
P27Firdaus Parveen
Telescoped Synthesis of Functionalized Porphyrins Under Continuous Flow Conditions using Inline UV- Vis Analysis
P28Guillaume Bentzinger
Development of photocatalyzed reactions under flow conditions
P29Nándor Kánya
Continuous Flow Hydrogenations – A Safe and Sustainable Approach to Reductions
P30Jakob Wolf
Automated flow platform for temperature and reactivity assay of glycosyl donors
P31Christian Schumacher
The CryoFlowSkid – Streamlining Cryogenic Flow Chemistry
P32Irfhan Mahmood
Exploring Self-Optimisation with Hydrogenation Reactions in scCO2
P33Reece Lester
Taylor Vortex Reactor Modelling: CFD and First Principle Modelling
P34Matthew Pratley
Spectroscopy as a PAT Tool in Self-Optimisation
P35Dario Cambié
Telescoped Platform for Synthesis of Carbo- and Heterocycles in Flow
P36Matthew Edwards
Accelerating the Continuous Synthesis of Bio-Based Monomers using Reactor Design and Process Analytical Technologies
P37Adel H. Alshareef
Biphasic, Continuous Flow, Approach to meso-Aryl Dipyrromethanes Using the Ionic Liquid Catalyst [H-NMP]+[HSO4]-
P38Joe Marsden
Semi-Continuous Crystallisation for Purification and Analysis of Chemical Synthesis

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