P01Doris Dallinger
Hazardous Fluorinations in Flow – HF, F2, SF4
P02Aravind Senthil Vel
Assessment of Multi-Objective Optimization Solvers for Self-Optimizing Chemical Reactors
P03Andreas Simoens
Continuous flow synthesis of [M(IPr)(OC(H)(CF3)2)] (M= Cu, Ag and Au) complexes
P04Pin-De Lee
Ambient Temperature Continuous Acetylsalicylic Acid Manufacturing
P05Bavo Vandekerckhove
Continuous Flow Scale-Up of Enantiospecific Solid-to-Solid Photodecarbonylation Chemistry Through Pulsed Flow Operation and Inline Crystallization
P06Nándor Kánya
Difficult Reactions Made Easy – Reductions and Click Chemistry in Continuous Flow
P07Gellért Sipos
Advancements in Isotopic Labeling: H/D Exchange on N-Heterocycles and the Development of a 13CO2 Generator
P08Gellért Sipos
From on-DNA Chemistry to Continuous Flow: Development of a Novel Amidine Arylation Reaction
P09María Lourdes Linares
Automated Flow Platform for C(sp2)–C(sp3) Coupling via Ni-OAC
P10Nicolò Baggi
Integrating Flow to Prepare Norbornadiene Precursors for Solar Thermal Energy Storage
P11Kevin Moreno
Flow System for Large-Scale Synthesis of Soluble Norbornadiene Precursors in Organic Solvents for Enhanced Energy Storage
P12Sunmi Kim
Scale-up of Flow Process with Heterogeneous Catalyst in the Pharmaceutical Industry
P13Luca Capaldo
Flow Electrophotocatalysis: Accelerated Heteroarylation of C(sp3)−H Bonds
P14Tom Masson
3D printed reactors enabling seamless transition from batch to flow photochemistry
P15Aidan Slattery
Automated Self-Optimization, Intensification, and Scale-up of Photocatalysis in Flow
P16Fabian Raymenants
Taming gases in flow: Photocatalytic valorization of abundant feedstocks
P17Andreas Dejaegere
Continuous solvent recuperation using Zaiput membrane technology
P18Anna Vanluchene
Electrolyte-free electrochemical trifluoromethylation of enamides in continuous flow
P19Montserrat Diéguez
Batch and Flow Synthesis of Chiral Tetrahydrofuran-Fused Spyrocylic Compounds
P20Pedro Usandizaga
Realizing flow reaction on industrial scale
P21Adam T. McCormack
Continuous flow synthesis of Black Hole Quenchers
P22Jonas Mortier
Unlocking Full Potential: Rapid, Efficient and Selective electrochemical β-hydrocarboxylation of styrene with CO2 in Continuous Flow
P23Jolien De Ketelaere
Electrophotocatalysis in a Single-Pass Flow Cell: Boosting N-arylation Productivity
P24Nikola Petrovic
Scaling-up Electroorganic Synthesis Using a Spinning Electrochemical Reactor in Batch and Flow Mode
P25Niamh Disney
A Cyanide-Free Synthesis of Nitriles and Their Selective Reduction Using Flow Technology
P26Philip Jamieson
Semi-Continuous Production of Oxetanes Using Biocatalytically Sourced Aromatic Aldehydes
P27Stefan Desimpel
A fully automated flow platform enabling fast optimization and process intensification
P28Ruairi Bannon
Exploiting Continuous Flow for Benzylic Photooxidations using Compressed Air via a Corning® Advanced-Flow™ Reactor
P29Adam Cruise
Exploring Radicofugal Groups in a Range of Flow Photochemical Radical Processes
P30Davin Cronly
Synthesis of Pyrazoles and Pyrazolines via Chromoselective Photochemical Pathway
P31Ruairi Crawford
Continuous Flow Synthesis of Azaheterocycles
P32Elena Graziano
Accessing new chemical Space by Strain-Release of 1-azabicyclic[1.1.0]butylhydroxylamines Prepared Under Flow Conditions
P33Zeynep Gulsoy Serif
A Methodology for Assessing the Kinetics of Exothermic Reactions Using Flow Calorimetry
P34Jeremy Jubb
A New Paradigm for Selective Bromination in Flow
P35Melanie Nutter
Batch to Flow Synthesis of Zinc-Indium-Sulfide Nanoparticles
P36Ciarán O’Brien
Enantioselective Crystal Flotation
P37Spencer Mizon
Flow synthesis of HCN via gas-phase N2 fixation
P38Hamza Ali
Exploring heterogeneous photocatalysis using continuous flow technologies
P39Cristopher Tinajero
Innovative Ionic Liquid Strategies for Continuous Flow Carbon Dioxide Capture and Valorization
P40Gianluca Palmara
Enhancing Mixing Capabilities through 3D Printing in Continuous Flow Reactors for Biocatalysis Applications
P41Simone Marchetti
Continuous-Flow Synthesis of High-Quality Perovskite Crystals via 3D-Printed Reactors
P42Jorge Garcia-Lacuna
Novel Continuous Photochemical Generation of Triazines and Benzotriazinones