Thursday, March 07

9.00-9.10Opening remarks by Timothy Noël – Flow Chemistry Society
9.10-9.45Plenary lecture
Miquel A. Pericàs – University of Rovira i Virgili (URV)
Title: Asymmetric Flow Processes Based on Immobilized Catalysts: Facing the Challenge of Deactivation
9.45-10.10Jean-Christophe Monbaliu – University of Liège
Title: On the Synergy Between in silico Approaches and Flow
10.10-10.35Shu Kobayashi – University of Tokyo
Title: Heterogeneous Chiral Catalysts for Continuous-Flow Enantioselective Reactions
10.35-11.00Coffee break
11.00-11.25Marcus Baumann – University College Dublin
Title: From Improving Known Reactions to the Discovery of New Reactivity Exploiting Flow
11.25-11.50José Alemán – UAM – Universidad Autónoma of Madrid
Title: Molecular Complexity Through Photocatalytic Processes
11.50-12.15Timothy Noël – University of Amsterdam
Title: Advancing Synthetic Organic Chemistry Through Technological Innovation
12.15-12.40Dusan Boskovic – Fraunhofer – ICT
Title: Flow Synthesis and Processing of High Energy Materials
14.00-14.25C. Oliver Kappe – University of Graz
Title: Enhancing the Efficiency of Organometallic Transformations Using Microreaction Technology
14.25-14.50Hansjoerg Lehmann – Novartis Pharma AG
Title: Integrated Flow Synthesis, a Concept to Accelerate the Scale-up of Drug Candidates
14.50-15.15Adam Clayton – University of Leeds
Title: Bayesian Self-Optimisation for Multistep Flow Processes and Mixed Variable Reactions
15.15-15.50Coffee break
15.50-17.00Poster Session
17.00-18.00Industrial Presentations
HNP Mikrosysteme – Carsten Damerau: About Dynamic Micromixing
Stoli Chem – Nikolay Cherkasov: CSTR Cascades – A Tool for Multipurpose Flow Chemistry
Magritek – Manuel Perez: Optimising Hydrogenations in Continuous Flow Reactors by Benchtop NMR Spectroscopy
Thalesnano – Nándor Kánya: Scale-up of Multi-step Reactions for API Production Using a Fleet of Flow Reactors Controlled by a Generative AI Supported Software 
Vapourtec – Manuel Nuno: Advances in continuous flow: Reactor technology, pumping capabilities and automation 
Syrris – Andrew Mansfield: Introducing the Syrris Photochemistry Reactor
18.00-20.00Poster Award Ceremony and Gala Dinner

Friday, March 08

9.00-9.35Plenary lecture
Kaid Harper – AbbVie
Title: Abbvie’s Adventures in Scaling Electrochemistry
9.35-10.00Carl Mallia – AstraZeneca
Title: Multi-Kilo Scale Synthesis of a Curtius Rearrangement for the Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Intermediates
10.00-10.25Joerg Sedelmeier – Roche
Title: Taming Highly Energetic Materials with Flow Technologies to Enable API Supplies for Clinics and Beyond
10.25-10.50Renzo Luisi – University of Bari
Title: Flow Photocatalysis for the Straightforward Synthesis of Alcohols: A Linchpin in Polarity Mismatch
10.50-11.20Coffee break
11.20-11.45Simon Kuhn – KU Leuven
Title: Multiphase Microfluidics to Intensify Photochemical Transformations
11.45-12.10Karen Robertson – University of Nottingham
Title: Flow Crystallisation: The Forbidden Phase
12.10-12.35Duncan L. Browne – UCL School of Pharmacy
Title: Reactive Extrusion: A Continuous Technique Where Solids are not the Arch-Nemesis
14.00-14.25Dezső Horváth – University of Szeged
Title: Multiphase Flow-driven Reactions on Earth and in Microgravity
14.25-14.50Rigoberto Advincula – University of Tennessee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Title: Continuous Flow Chemistry and Polymerizations with AI/ML Strategies – Online presentation
14.50-15.15Antimo Gioiello – University of Perugia
Title: Boosting Medicinal Chemistry by Flow-Enhanced Synthesis
15.15-15.40Jesús Alcazar – Janssen Research & Development, J&J
Title: Automated Synthesis in Flow to Access Novel Chemical Space
15.40-16.05Juan A. Rincon – Eli Lilly
Title: Opening New Avenues for the Application of Flow Chemistry in Drug Discovery
16.05-16.15Closing Remarks by Timothy Noël – Flow Chemistry Society