Thursday, May 25.

08.50-09.10Opening remarks & Announcement by Ferenc Darvas, Flow Chemistry Society, Switzerland, Hungary
09.10-09.45Alexei LapkinUniversity of Cambridge, UK
Keynote presentation: From heuristics and intuition to algorithmic development of robust flow chemistry processes
09.45-10.10Richard BourneUniversity of Leeds, UK
Self-Optimising Reactors for Industry 4.0
10.10-10.35Norbert KockmannTU Dortmund University, Germany
Data-Driven Flow Chemistry – Lab Automation, AI Supported Modules, and Scale-up
10.35-11.00Coffee break
11.00-11.25Dario CambiéMax-Planck Institute, Germany
Digitalization of Chemistry with Automated Flow Platforms
11.25-11.50Brenda PijperJanssen Research and Development, Janssen-Cilag, Spain
Flow chemistry as a key tool for drug discovery: an automated library synthesis platform to increase Fsp3
11.50-12.15Ricardo Labes Syngenta, UK
Flow Chemistry at Syngenta
13.30-13.55Mike GeorgeUniversity of Nottingham, UK
Scalable Continuous Photochemical & Electrochemical Reactions: Reactors and Pat Challenges: From Picoseconds to Tonnes
13.55-14.20Alessandra PuglisiUniversity of Milan, Italy
Continuous Flow Technologies: A Powerful Tool for the Synthesis of Chiral Molecules
14.20-14.45Jean-Christophe MonbaliuUniversity of Liege, Belgium
Make nitroso reagents great again
14.45-15.15Coffee break
15.15-16.15Poster Session
16.15-16.40Marcus BaumannUniversity College Dublin, Ireland
Continuous Flow Synthesis of Drug-like Entities Exploiting Photochemistry and High-Energy Intermediates
16.40-17.05Shawn K CollinsUniversity of Montreal, Canada
Photochemical Macrocyclization in Flow
17.15-19.30Poster Award Ceremony and Pizza & Beer Reception

Friday, May 26.

09.00-09.35Shu Kobayashi University of Tokyo, Japan
Keynote presentation: Continuous-Flow Enantioselective Reactions with Heterogeneous Chiral Catalysts and Sequential Transformations
09.35-10.00Renzo LuisiUniversity of Bari, Italy
Flow chemistry as enabling technology for exploring new chemical space and developing sustainable synthetic tactics
10.00-10.25Anna Slater University of Liverpool, UK
Flow for the supramolecular chemist: challenges and opportunities
10.25-10.50Timothy NoëlUniversity of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Innovation in synthetic fluorine chemistry through use of flow
10.50-11.20Coffee break
11.20-11.45Cecilia BottecchiaMSD, USA
Recent Flow Chemistry Efforts at MSD: scaling photochemistry and electrochemistry
11.45-12.10Benjamin MartinNovartis Pharma AG, Switzerland
Recognizing 15 Years of Continuous Academic-Industrial Collaboration to establish Continuous Manufacturing at Novartis
12.10-12.35Wei SunAstraZeneca, UK
Arene and Benzylic bromination under continuous flow using in-situ generated bromine
12.35-13.35Industrial flash presentations:
Magritek GmbH by Anna Gerdova: New Benchmark for Benchtop Nmrs: Ultra-High Resolution Spinsolve Systems from Magritek;
HNP Mikrosysteme GmbH by Carsten Damerau: About Dynamic Micromixing;
Autichem Ltd by David Morris: Flow Reactor Mixing Methodologies;
ThalesNano Inc. by Nándor Kánya: Enabling Photochemistry in Batch and Continuous Flow in One Instrument – Recent Synthetic Results;
Vapourtec Ltd by Ben Showell: Current trends and application in flow chemistry;
PharmaBlock (USA) Inc by Pedro Usandizaga: The ACS Green Chemistry Awarded Project – A Continuous Flow Manufacturing Process for a Useful Intermediate.
15.00-15.25Nina HartrampfUniversity of Zurich, Switzerland
Flow-based methods for chemical peptide and protein synthesis
15.25-15.50Mimi HiiImperial College London, UK
A Continuous Process for the Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of Chiral Amines
15.50-16.15Filipe VilelaHeriot-Watt University, UK
Photocatalysis in Flow: Technologies for Accelerating Sustainable Synthesis
16.15-16.35Closing Remarks by Ferenc Darvas & Timothy Noël

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